Thursday, 28 April 2011

Back on track

What with wildfires and electrical storms, nature seems to be throwing the lot at Endeavour this time around. The storm was truly spectacular and lasted for several hours - but thankfully it was nothing like the deadly tornado that devestated Alabama the night before. 

The lengthy lightning alert at Kennedy Space Center halted the countdown activities at pad 39A for several hours - the all-clear was eventually sounded at 1130 pm local time and teams got back to work on readying Endeavour for its launch tomorrow at 3:47 pm in the afternoon.

As you can see from the picture above it didn't look so good for most of the evening - though it was spectacular to watch! By the way, the pic below it is me taking one of the fire pictures yesterday afternoon. I spotted it on the website.

Meanwhile, the weather forecast for launch day continues to be quite favourable, though the chances for a weather violation at launch time have increased slightly to 30 from 20 percent yeseterday.

The primary concerns are a low-cloud ceiling and a crosswind ‘violation’ at the Shuttle Landing Facility, the runway that would be used if Endeavour needed to return in an emergency straight after launch.

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